Paranormal Investigation

I like to welcome you, my name is Gordon Sabol, the founder of Savannah Paranormal Investigations. What you are about to do is extremely dangerous, I can not tell you what the out come will be.

Paranormal investigations has no defined truths, no one can say for sure what is truly being dealt with. Based on what you choose to believe is your truth.
By definition a spirit is an emotion, your happiness, your sadness, etc…..
Our soul is a living life source, which goes to heaven or hell. Either way we would not be able to communicate with that soul.
When we die our spirit and soul separate, with that in mind, how can we speak to a spirit (an emotion), you can’t based on the definitions.
So what are we speaking to?
Some would like to say it is a mom, a dad, or just a loved one that has passed on.
Only 5% of our cases have been concluded as a true haunting. What those cases have shown us is that none of which are a spirit. All have done something that show they are not what we hope to be, “a good spirit”, but are in fact evil or demonic.
All those cases started as we were speaking with a “spirit”, as time went on with that communication, nice became hateful conversations, wanting to kill or hurt or even investigators changing behaviors towards one another.

Self manifestations is a highly common haunt, meaning people want to believe something so they make it happen. Just as with picture matrixing, we see something and make it to be something when it is nothing more than dust, a dirty window, or a swirling in paint on a wall. Most shadows shooting through the room that we catch in the corner of our eye, well 99% is nothing more than a floater in our eyes. Our eyes have particals in them that just float around and yes they seem to zip by and we think they are movement other than our own, a shadow person.

Believe what you want to.
Savannah Paranormal Investigations believes on 20 years of being shown evil or demonics.

“What are we speaking to?”